Welcome to my new microcast on #cybersecurity where I reflect on my journey as a member of the #cmmcab objectives and assessment working group.

I plan on two epispode formats: * Quick briefs where I define ONE thing in the cybersecurity matuaration model certification * FourThought-A short interview where I ask four questions to a CMMC-AB expert

Anyone in the world of #cybersecurity can use the content in their training and curriculum.

This show is not endorsed nor part of the official Cybersecurity Maturation Model Cerificate Acredditing Body and I make no claims of quality (beyond stating I have a face meant for radio) as this is a reflection of my journey and growth.

Every quick brief show is licensed CC-BY-SA and since I have guests on FourThought the shows get a CC-BY-SA-NC license (I don’t give away rights to someone else likeness and their is a difference between model release and your license)