• @lukeboch and @manton I asked on indieweb chat. You could use unmung to turn the rss feed into an html feed and then granary.io to turn hfeed into json feed....I betchya results somewhere from broken to ugly but worth a shot

  • @manton ah thx I will ask @snarfed about and search for open tickets on the granary repo

  • @manton does Granary.io have a quick and dirty tool for now?

  • @danielpunkass As a kid I used to charge people in the neighborhood money and then take the scramblers off the cable box for free HBO and Prism (defunct channel but used to play local hockey)

  • @danielpunkass Then I have been the coolest cat on the block since about turning 18.

  • @christinerenner check indieweb chat. I remember people having to add bridgy to a header or footer been ahwile, or see if there is a write.as article on the wiki.

  • @TheDimPause It's all I am living now that I am doing cybersecurity training

  • @aaronpk still just as resource heavy for us paying users too...I miss inbox

  • @christinerenner can you use the old school draft hack? I haven't tried that.

  • @rossk If you do Splunk and 53 we hang out in similar circles. email me at greg@reviewtalentfeedback.com love to fine out more.

    lookie what I made this morning cmmcthemovie.com

  • @christinerenner are you a paid write.as member or on the free account? They both support webmentions but there are differences between free and paid that may mess up syndication I remember.

  • @christinerenner I run a Teams account for my business and it is almost soooo close to being the perfect family social network.

    I think what @help just needs to do is make a way to syndicate a post just to family/team or to the larger microblog community

  • @help I wonder if there could be a way to leverage hypothes.is I would love to syndicate back and forth and they already have a markdown PDF markup tool. Prolly play nice with JSONFeed my stream.

    John Udell always up for hacking around

  • @manton I also wanted to thread my own thoughts and couldn't figure out an easy way to do that. Currently I have to wait for the page to publish, love to have a way to quickly reply to myself to group my thoughts

  • @help is it by design that you can not bookmark PDFs? For now just throwing links to pdfs in a post.

  • @manton ahh so that is why I have to use telegram for sending a reply to other blogs and networks. No biggie I am an edge case

  • @danielpunkass and let's get ready for the run-off. Gonna be a wild ride.

  • @DoctorMac hey @manton @jsonbecker know anybody else doing rsvps from microblog?

  • @ronguest Own your media, teach your 10 year old to buy an album or movie a month. Feed an artist not Apple

  • @macgenie welcome @bjbarrat always a 101 ways to post. For example don't follow me if the though of watching someone document their learning around cybersecurity sounds awful. I have another micro blog account at @jgmac1106

  • @matthewlang I think we need to start the anti-agile development..needs a cute name, maybe "Reflective Thinking"

  • @leo You ever do a Security Now show on the #cmmc? Happy to help you and Gibson line something up with people that have more juice than me.

  • @help I would pay for LinkedIn syndication and backfeed. Kinda PITA as the new API requires a new key every two weeks which is why no Bridgy support. Used to have it on Known but I don't want hassle of always key switching

  • @manton oooh I am doing layout and cover decisions for my #cybersecurity book right now....Kinda looking at designers and debating flat fee or royalty sharing

  • FYI I am limited to how much training talk I can do being on the #cmmc training working group.

    For point 1: CMMC-AB authorizes trainers.

    Trainers will be authorized already by LTPs using material from LPPs. I am asking the State Legislators to foot the bill.

    Connecticut brings in around 12 billion a year in DoD contracts. As part of the Manufacturing Communities Partnership we have access to a billion dollars in federal training funds such as $75 million Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund.

    Spending 5 million a year helping a 12 billion dollar industry is nothing. If you are over half the companies who bring in 100,000k or less in DoD awards (again not accounting for flow down) #cmcc may seem too expensive.

    I am going to call on legislators to fund our economy. Full stop.

    Point 2: In terms of HigherEd and Workforce development I am also a college professor (most universities need ML 3 as well) we can align our #cybersecurity curriculum with CMMC courses. Maybe even try to become an LTP or community colleges and state schools can partner with LTPs to design regional training centers.

    In terms of DoD involvement write a check and get the job done or just fund 50 1,000,000 state RFPs

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