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A impt ? around primes>subs>subs and flow down/up of #cmmc in the supply chain.

Will you make the 4,577th podcast to explain it?

IMO few things:

  1. I already am hittingup State Legislator in Connecticut to put up or shut up.

Connecticut gets 16-20 billiona year in DoD contracts…Wanna help that number grow or shrink?

Legislate and fund Small business grants & consortium to help economy stay compliant. Our entire economy revolves around two things the Market and the DoD. #cybersecurity important to both.

  1. In Connecticut we are going to start baking #cmmc into our undergraduate and graduate cybersecurity programs and establish regional centers to help the rivertors of the world get their ML 3 that will be necessary to sub for a prime. I am giving statewide presentation to Governor’s commission in Nov.

  2. The DoD needs to start cranking out more training and compliance grants to be won at the state level. Cheap > 1 million each…50,000,000 DoD loses that in leaky toilets in a week

  3. I am not on this WG but this is where the actual metadata and the consumers of certification are critical. There are modern tools that could hash a cert even without distributed ledgers (blockchain shmockchain). Verification of levels with machine and human readable data solvable.