Monday again folks. Time for my weekly call for your organuizations to support the programs we have running with Conecpts for Adapative Learning.

I believe in the maturation model included in the cmmc. I cringe when you hear SMEs (and their is 10–2 per webinar) say the practices are just NIST 800-171 controls. Another trope I can’t take is the idea that CMMC can’t be a maturation model since the lanscapers and the plumbers who provide essential services to our bases will never climb past level one.

Maturation matters.

To this end I want to begin building cyberhygeine practices long before we complain about a workforce pipeline. We need to instutionalize the practices of good hygeine from home through the high school.

I believe the best way to begin is through a Domain’s of One’s Own. Give a kid their identity. Then model and mentor how we protect that which is most important. Us.

Recently I have partnered with the Concepts for Adaptive Learning and we have brought in the following awards:

  • Ricker, J., McVerry, J. G., $120,000 (2020). Supporting a Tech4Teens Programming Manager. A 3 year funded project for external partner Concepts for Adaptive Learning. $120,000. Funded.

  • McVerry, J. G, Real, B & Ricker, J (2020). Digital Field Placements. Presidential Grant for Alternative Academic Delivery Digital Field Placements. $25,000. Davis Education Foundation. Funded.

  • McVerry, J. G. & Ricker, J. (2020) Tech4Teens Camp. $10,000 Funding for external partner Concepts for Adaptive Learning. Yale Community Foundation. Funded.

We still need your help. If you or your organization is making a donation this holiday season please consider Concepts for Adaptive Learning. All of the money goes to support programs to increase Digital Literacy in the New Haven community. Your donations will help us provide free training and computers to families in need.

As Connecticut schools shut down again and go fully remote parents and teachers have come to rely on Concepts for Adaptive Learning.

Please Donate Today.

Image Credit:“Amelia in Code” by donnierayjones is licensed under CC BY