Gonna re-record yesterday’s movies and remember sound this time. he thing with filming off the cuff sometimes you hit it in one take and you are always chasing a memory (that you cant actually verify the quality)

My learning subjective for Module One is a “What is CMMC video?” You will watch me take it from idea to production, to storyboard to script. I want to cover the basics and demonstrate important reference docs are to understanding CMMC.

I will show you how I match my personal learning subjectives to the module objectives which is the process you will do with me if your are doing the “Choose Your Own Adventure Pathway”

What you then do is submit an application for the badge explaining how you met the criteria. You can see where we define the success critera against the rubric. We even list possible evidence you can submit from:

  • Interview Data: Grab convos you had with me or peers
  • Artifact Data: Gather evidence from posts and materials
  • Test Data: Submit pre and post test data.

If your evidence demonstrates the skill and knowledge growth necessary to meet the stated learning objectives you earn the module badge. Earn all the module badges you pass the course,

Yoda rules. Do or do not. There is no try. Or in CMMCese, “Comply or do not. There is no POA&M.”