Getting ready to launch our CCP-Essentials Module Three. We have designed our CMMC boot camps so students can customize the course for their companies.


  • Explain the purpose order of Executive Order 13556: Controlled Unclassified Information to standardize data
  • List National Archive and Records Administration role in determining CUI labels
  • Describe responsibility to encrypt CUI while in transit or at rest in storage
  • Evaluate strategies to provide physical protection for CUI
  • Draw conclusions about the effectiveness of a CUI destruction policy
  • Critique a CUI records management approach


ISOO CUI Video Training Series


Department of Defense (2020). CUI Awareness and Marking.

As you complete the readings, fill in the Venn Diagram describing the legal requirements authorized holders have for protecting Federal Contract Information and Controlled Unclassified Information.


Compare case studies that provide the scenarios, identify the proper response for handling, storing, labeling, disseminating, and destroying CUI.


Create a 4-5 episode microcast series (2-4 minute episodes) that defines FCI and CUI, which explores a contractor’s responsibility for protecting both under CMMC.


Critique a CUI records management approach.