Mom’s make us mightier. Mom’s make our military fierce. In uniform and on the homefront Mom’s matter most at most important moments.

So this Mother’s Day I am pleased to announce that Dr. Lauren Tucker has joined our Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification currirulum team as our lead 508 and ADA Compliance designer. More importantly Lauren applies the principles of Universal Design for Learning to all her instructional design work.

Dr. Lauren Tucker is an assistant professor in the special education department. She has a dual certification in special and regular education with over 8 years in the field. Dr. Tucker willapply assistive technology, universal design for learning, online learning, and technology implementation into our CMMC courses.

She will conduct assistive technology evaluations, ADA compliance and trainings to the LTP’s we work with to ensure they deliver compliant curriculium . If you do not take this serious as a trainer you will get sued. Dr. Tucker will make sure the courses we deliver with Data Technologies’s LPP CyberDI meet compliance. She will also train instructors on their responsibilities.

Dr Tucker supports teachers, students, and individuals in appropriate consideration, selection, and implementation of tools to increase adult learning. Her research focuses on technology integration, teacher learning, assistive technology for accommodations, and implementing communication and visual supports in community experiences.

As a military spouse the sense of community brought Dr Tucker to our CMMC project.

“My husband completed his service just as as we were married, but we were initially prepping for a deployment and there‚Äôs so much to do and support,” Dr Tucker told me, “but where we struggled was with the after when the supports are gone.”

Dr. Tucker continued, “Being a spouse to a veteran and support them through transitioning to civilian life, you kind of feel forgotten, so much taken for granted. We as spouses had services and those get cut off and then we need to find new ways to support our partners on their new path.”

Lauren noted that she got inolved in our CMMC project because she saw so many veterans transitioning into cyber. “You almost need someone to write the Unchecklist Manifesto. There is no TTP for potty training. Just a lot of pee-pee,” she joked about training, tactics and procedures.

“My partner works for one of the major Defense contractors. Having that connection matters. I am seeing this in my every day, and as the Cyber attacks like the one spiking our gas prices continue we need more professionals protecting our data.”

So on this Mother’s Day I salute you Dr. Tucker, and all the other military moms. So lucky to have you on the team.