The learning team we have built for CMMC Essentials blows me away everyday.

Just yesterday I spen the day with Dr. Lauren Tucker, Vincent Scott, and Leighton Johnson. We conducted a content validity check of our learning objectives to the official (but NDAd) CMM-AB objectives.

Then we launched right into Module Zero of CMMC Essentials. Paul Netopski, Dr. Lisa Lancor, and Brian Rogaliski rounded out the teaching squad.

Today I am excited to announce Alex Sharpe will join the CMMC Essentials (not too late to register) class as an instructor. Mr. Sharpe, a CMMC Registered Professional and member of an upcoming Certified Instructor class, brings decades of operational experience.

Alex Sharpe gained over 30 years of real-world operational experience as a Cybersecurity, Privacy and Digital Transformation expert. Mr. Sharpe, an National Security Agency alum, has run business units and has influenced, and continues to influence, national policy.

Mr. Sharpe has spent much of his career helping corporations and government agencies reap the rewards afforded by advances in technology (Digital Transformation) while mitigating cyber threats. This provides him a pragmatic understanding of the delicate balance between Cybersecurity, Operational Effectiveness, and Business realities.

Sharpe began his career at NSA moving into the Management Consulting ranks building practices at Booz Allen and KPMG. He subsequently co-founded two firms with successful exits. He has participated in over 20 M&A transactions. He has delivered to clients in over 20 countries on 6 continents.

Mr. Sharpe holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University (JHU), and Business from Columbia Business School. He is a published author, speaker, instructor, and advisor. He serves on industry forums and pays it forward as a mentor at an incubator.

Alex Sharpe LinkedIn Profile