As part of our CMMC work we hope to create a Higher Education network to ensure we have the cybersecurity, machine learning, and artificial expertise to keep our country and economy safe.

As part of that network we provide scholarships to children who lost a Defense Intelligence Enterprise officers in the line of duty.

We need you to write to Congress to ensure we can provide even more scholarships to children who lost parents serving in silence.

What is the Defense Intelligence Memorial Foundation?

The Defense Intelligence Memorial Foundation (DIMF) is a tax-exempt, non-profit educational foundation. Our vision is to create an operationally transparent, ethical, and fiscally solvent foundation distributing scholarship funds to the families of Defense Intelligence officers killed in the line of duty. We support all elements of the Defense Intelligence Enterprise, to include the:

  • Defense Intelligence Agency
  • National Security Agency
  • National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
  • National Reconnaissance Office Service Intelligence Components Combatant Commands

The staff and board members are current and former intelligence officers dedicated to honoring the memory of those who gave the last full measure.

Who qualifies for Foundation scholarships?

The children of Defense Intelligence Enterprise officers, civilian or military, killed in the line of duty are eligible for scholarships. Scholarship candidates can be natural born, adopted, or the stepchildren of USG employees killed in the line of duty. These children are not covered under any other intelligencecommunity educational scholarship programs.

Since 2000, the DIE has lost 54 officers in the line of duty. Aside from the Casualty Assistance Programs in each Defense Intelligence component, the families of these heroes are largely forgotten and, by the DIMF’s research, 44 children have not had the support of a non-profit organization for their educational needs. The DIMF is making some progress in this mission. In 2020, the DIMF awarded its first educational grant to one child and, in 2021, expects to award two additional scholarships.

Families of the fallen in the Central Intelligence Agency and Special Operations community have benefited from charities supplying scholarships to their school-aged children. The FY14 Intelligence Authorization Act empowers the Director of CIA to fundraise and advocate for the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation. I am requesting your support for legislation, similar to what was enacted for the CIA, which would authorize Defense Intelligence leadership to fundraise on-behalf of non-profit organizations providing support to surviving family members.

Attached is a form letter to send to Congress . On behalf of those who will benefit now and in the future, we thank you for supporting the DIMFKids