Wow that title has a lot of letters. Luckily the registration process on the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification Accreditation Board website to create an account so you can sign up for a Certified CMMC Professional class with a Licensed Training Provider is not as difficult.

Creating a profile on to register for a Certified CMMC Professional course requires a three-step process and a $200 fee paid to the CMMC Accreditation Board and not the Licensed Training Partner. The fee also does not cover the CCP exam. That will cost an additional $275.00

You must first create an account on the CMMC-AB Moodle page (yeah open source).

screenshot of account creation

Once you do you a verification email gets sent your inbox

screenshot of verification email

After you verify your email you choose an MFA, multifactor authorization, method.

screenshot choosing mFA

Depending on which method you chose you may have additional security checks

screenshots of security checks

Once you have an account you can move on to Step One which requires you to make a profile

screenshot of making profile

screenshot of ccp application

Once you make the profile you can then go and register for the CCP class. The application is extensive. You will upload your resume and any certifications you hold.

The application did ask me to associate with a C3PAO. Currently, as far as I know, the CCP does not need to associate with a C3PAO. I put “none yet” and my application went through.

Pay the money and you can now register for a class with an LTP.

screenshot of payment acceptance

You will get an ID number. The LTP will use this to share your progress and enrollment status.