Glass History

I love planes. They have such an important role in our state history and my family history. I worked with Kevin Walls of East Haddam on these gems. Each series gets capped at 13 and each plane gets signed and numbered.

A-10 Warthog

You can not imitate the sound of a Warthog opening up. This salute to the A-10 Warthog has exquisite details and working parts

A-10 Warthog

A World War II gem. The p-51b helped to revolutionize avionics


I am lucky to live in East Haddam, CT. So many artists gravitate to the area which sparks wonderful collaborations. For the 2021 edition of CUI stickers series we worked with Kristin Haddad of Killustrate, LLC. on a collab.

Happy to announce the first set of stickers have hit the press and you can rock them out now or even add a custom logo for your company. We also offer full print door decals and framed posters.

Kristin and I really excited for you to check out our work. Even more excited to see it out in the wild. So help us spread a little love to local artists by keeping your CUI policies compliant but not boring.

Stickers are Copyrighted 2021 by ReVIEW Talent Feedback System, LLC


  • 1 for 3
  • 2 for 5
  • Full set (2 each) $28
  • Logo: $50

  • CUI Key

    Unlock the key to your awareness efforts with the most memorable stickers in the DIB

    cooey in a key

    CUI Padlock

    Let the world know you lock up your goodies in only the finest FIPS-140A Fashion

    coeey padlock

    CUI Alien

    You heard illegal aliens might exfiltrate CUI….You had no idea


    We know the M4 speaks to you. Keep it close to your CUI

    CUI Rocket

    Blast off to the next stage in your CUI policy with our Rocket Ship

    CUI Eye

    Keep only Authorized Eyes on Your CUI

    cooey eye

    Submarine USB Stick

    Let your Encrypted CUI sneak under the radar with this stylish USB sticker

    cooey submarine usb stick

    Full Monty

    Get two of every sticker for just $28.00

    Sticker Sheet

    Get any sticker in a sheet for $28.00

    Wall Posters and Decals

    Get an 8x10 decal or framed posters to mark off your CUI Enclave. Come in 8X10 but custom printing available.

    Decals = $35.00

    Framed Posters =$80.00