FYI I am limited to how much training talk I can do being on the #cmmc training working group.

For point 1: CMMC-AB authorizes trainers.

Trainers will be authorized already by LTPs using material from LPPs. I am asking the State Legislators to foot the bill.

Connecticut brings in around 12 billion a year in DoD contracts. As part of the Manufacturing Communities Partnership we have access to a billion dollars in federal training funds such as $75 million Connecticut Manufacturing Innovation Fund.

Spending 5 million a year helping a 12 billion dollar industry is nothing. If you are over half the companies who bring in 100,000k or less in DoD awards (again not accounting for flow down) #cmcc may seem too expensive.

I am going to call on legislators to fund our economy. Full stop.

Point 2: In terms of HigherEd and Workforce development I am also a college professor (most universities need ML 3 as well) we can align our #cybersecurity curriculum with CMMC courses. Maybe even try to become an LTP or community colleges and state schools can partner with LTPs to design regional training centers.

In terms of DoD involvement write a check and get the job done or just fund 50 1,000,000 state RFPs